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Meet Our Team

Dr Tyson Aldenhoven, B.App.Sc.(Chiro) M.Clin.Chiro

Dr Tyson Aldenhoven, Chiropractor

Tyson Aldenhoven had his first experience with chiropractic at the age of 15 having suffered from severe migraine headaches that had not been responding to medication. Being told he would have to learn to live with them, Tyson’s mother, although sceptical, sought chiropractic as an option. Within 9 months of intensive chiropractic care Tyson’s migraine episodes had diminished from 1 per week to 1 every 3 months. Tyson realised that other areas of his health and wellbeing were also benefiting as he no longer lived with the constant stress of not knowing if a migraine was going to attack him at any important social or sporting event, or school exam. His parents and brother also started chiropractic care which has continued to this day. ‘It is important that your body is given the best chance in life, chiropractic helps by increasing function and decreasing stress on the body.’

After finishing high school in 1997, Tyson moved to Adelaide. He then travelled overseas extensively for 3 years before settling back in Melbourne to complete his five year Bachelor and Masters degree in Chiropractic.

Since starting his Chiropractic journey, Tyson has volunteered at orphanages in Guatemala, Northern India and with Hope Vale’s indigenous community in Cape York, Queensland. He has also officially worked at the Melbourne Marathon and Moreland City FC and has spoken at many corporate, community and educational events including Mitsubishi Electric, Telstra Corp, U3A and RMIT University.

Most recently, Tyson has been travelling to Salt Lake City, USA, to spend time working with Dr. Craig Buhler, a world-renowned athletics chiropractor who served as the chiropractor to the Utah Jazz for 26 years and currently works with both the Australian and American Olympic Ski teams. Dr. Buhler has established the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT), a systematic treatment of common joint and muscle conditions experienced by active people. Tyson is the only chiropractor in Australia; and one of only two outside of America, that is trained in this revolutionary advancement in sports medicine. To see an example of what AMIT can achieve in the field of elite sports, click here:

With all this experience Tyson understands what it takes to find a total solution to your health problems. Time will be taken to walk you though what is the cause of your problem and what it will take to fix it. You will find Lygon Chiropractic’s offices comfortable, professional and relaxing.  To book an appointment with DrAldenhoven call 03 9381 1991 now.


Dr Gerry Keown

Gerry KeownBefore starting at Lygon Chiropractic, Gerry was practicing in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. He completed a Masters Degree of Chiropractic at Macquarie University, and has treated many elite athletes, including Olympic gold-medalist swimmers, NBL basketball players, cyclists, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and famous actors, comedians and musicians.

Peak performance is common to all of them: they only get one chance to do their best. Gerry uses this approach with everyone he treats: Function. Performance. Results. He uses a personalised treatment approach that aims to get you out of pain, improve biomechanical (neuromusculoskeletal) function, and reduce the frequency or severity of any recurrence. So that you can perform at your best too.

Gerry also has a Bachelor Degree of Health Science (Natural Medicine) and Diploma of Remedial Massage. He started practicing in 1996, and has divided his time between treating people, with lecturing and tutoring Anatomy and Physiology at University, and teaching Myotherapists the skills they need to help people.

Gerry is currently completing a Masters Degree of Research on his pathway to a PhD. He uses the latest research, evidence-based treatments and rehabilitation, along with his nutritional medicine expertise to achieve results. He only uses treatments that are safe and known to work.