Chiropractic can help you to enjoy your favourite sport more.  Why?  Because you will enjoy greater freedom of movement, your body will be in balance and you will decrease your risk of getting a sports injury that could put you out of action for weeks, months or even prevent you participating in sport for good.

You do not have to be an “Elite Athlete” to benefit from Chiropractic care. Whether you are returning to an exercise program, trying to get fitter, shed a few pounds or are already competing as an amateur athlete, you owe it to yourself to get a Chiropractic assessment  So phone Lygon Chiropractic in Carlton North on 9381 1991 and arrange an appointment with Doctor of Chiropractic, Tyson Aldenhoven, now.

Why Choose Chiropractic?

There may be underlying problems with your spinal alignment, an old injury that you thought had healed long ago or a range of other problems that a Chiropractor can diagnose, treat and prevent from causing you unexpected problems down the line.

Sports Chiropractic may be something you would consider if you have picked up an injury, but many do not realize the benefits of regular care from a Chiropractor to prevent injury from happening.  Any physical sport puts additional stress on the body, affecting joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, so minor niggles could easily become bigger problems that will prevent you from performing to your maximum potential.

Chiropractic works! Not only with prevention of injury, but also when an injury has been sustained. By managing pain and inflammation and reducing down-time by speeding the rehabilitation, facilitating complete healing with everything ‘mending’ for a rapid return to 100% fitness.

If it didn’t work and was not a cost effective way to deal with prevention and treatment of injury, Chiropractic would not be recommended by so many sports professionals, nor be a part of the support team comprising Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Sports Psychologists that help to keep elite athletes at the top of their game.

Chiropractic Benefits

  • It can help to prevent sports injuries. Being out of action after an injury is not just a problem for professional sports personalities! For amateurs, injury can be expensive, with time off work and a loss of income as a result.
  • It can facilitate a speedier recovery after injury. Gentle, drug free Chiropractic treatment can promote the body’s own healing mechanisms, helping everything to heal in the correct way to prevent a ‘weakness’ that could make a similar injury in the future more likely.
  • It’s not only for back problems! Many people think of Chiropractors as those who treat problems of the spine but many different sports injuries – joint problems, strained or sprained muscles and tendonitis are all common problems that can be effectively treated by a Chiropractor.
  • It does not rely on powerful medications. For athletes in any discipline, the drug-free treatment method of Chiropractors (who do not prescribe any medications) is a big plus.

Whatever level you compete at, or even if you just enjoy sport as a means of keeping fit or helping you to lose weight, regular Chiropractic care can help you to enjoy your activity more, stay injury-free and perform at your peak.