Garbage Warrior

This is Michael Reynolds’ concept and adventure for the past 35 years. Completely off the grid he’s been developing sustainable housing free of any energy dependence and came up with this way to re-use garbage such as plastic bottles and car tyres as a thermal insulation and an architectural structure. You can even grow your own food, provide your own water, build it anywhere, treat you own sewage… all with a very small budget.

Do you want to provide your own food and water, build anywhere and meet costs from a small budget? This is how you do it!

I’ve been to one of Michael’s seminars. He is really interesting and a cool guy.

Enjoy it.


The world according to Monsanto


This documentary tells of the lies, lack of regulation and corruption of government leadership in controlling the development and distribution of genetically modified foods. As I mentioned in one of my posts, only people who don’t know what you’re talking about believe that genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption. 

The many loopholes in Australian regulations basically mean that genetically modified foods are not labelled which is a disgrace. ‘Seeds of death’ is another great documentary that you may want to watch. 

Our family eats organic food and has done so for many years, although regulation of labelling within that industry is also poor.


Addicted to Plastic


Addicted to Plastic opens your eyes to the environmental and physiological dangers that plastics pose to our health and well-being. The scientific information in this documentary is fantastic and helps explain the neurological and hormonal changes that plastic makes in our body. 
Less than 1 trillionth of a gram of BPA in one millilitre of blood is enough to make changes in cell function of the human body. I have been to A&M University in Texas where Dr David Busby, a geneticist has done lots of great research in this field.
The truth is that if we didn’t have plastic our lifestyle would be dramatically different… but there are alternatives to plastic.

A great documentary which will make you think twice before you buy your next plastic water bottle.

Dr Tyson Aldenhoven

The Real Dirt on Farmer John



A feel good story on the journey of a farmer’s transition from traditional farming methods to fully organically communal farming. The ups and downs are dramatic but it ends happily. Our family buys our fruit and vegetables from Ceres organic farm in Thornbury. It’s farming methods and philosophy are similar to what you see in this documentary. It’s a great way to get locally produced, fresh, organic food.

He is an interesting character.




This is a true story of how western medicine has tried to discredit and persecute the chiropractic health profession. In this David and goliath struggle five chiropractors sued the AMA for defamation and against all odds won!! 
You wouldn’t have heard about this story before because it was suppressed by the general media. Dr Craig Buhler was the catalyst for making this documentary. He is the chiropractor that I travelled to Utah to work with in 2014. He was formerly the chiropractor of the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team. 

It’s interesting to see how western medicine has been so ruthless in trying to control medical treatment to our population while aggressively persecuting anyone who does not come into their fold.

Give it a go.

Videos that we recommend but can’t embed:


A fantastic documentary that explains how the world developed and how global warming is helping to destroy it. The footage is breathtaking, the scenery amazing.

A great doco to watch just to unwind.