Food Matters


This is a great documentary on how vitamins and nutrients interact to provide us with good health. It is simple to understand and explains why so many people within our community suffer from such poor health. It also explains how the body is made up of around 40 base minerals and therefore if one of these minerals is deficient it has such a profound effect on many areas of health within our body. For example a deficiency in vitamin C does not only lead to scurvy but makes us more susceptible to a whole range of illnesses.

Great documentary

Forks over knives

(This is a trailer and not the full movie)


This documentary must have been put together by a group of vegans. It is quite biased. The research presented about the problems of consuming animal protein are really interesting. To sum this doco up, it’s basically saying that if you eat animal proteins it leads to cancer and if you eat vegetable proteins you will retard cancer. It also provides a lot of research discussing the benefits of eating whole, raw foods which I really enjoyed.


Videos that we recommend but can’t embed:

Super Size Me 

An oldie but a goodie one of the original health documentaries that made people fully aware of what happened when you ate crap and the lies told by the fast food industry.

You have probably all seen it but why not watch it again?


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Set in the USA, an Australian man makes a documentary about the story of beating autoimmune disease and losing a truck-load of weight by juicing fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s not the most interesting documentary but it does show you how dedication, fresh food and willpower can get you healthy. The amount of weight one of the guys lost is incredible!!


Food Inc

Food Inc is a documentary based on the best-selling book called Fast Food Nation. Obviously the book has 50 times more detail and goes into the problems of fast food in much greater depth than the documentary; even so it’s a great snippet into how not only the fast food companies but all the big multinationals manipulate and control our food supply. 

The problem is not only that the multinationals have such power but that they use this power to run small and local producers out of business. Ethics is not their strong point! 

And let’s be honest if you think the big food producers and retailers are sitting around in their board rooms wondering how to get more nutrients into their food to increase our health then you’re pretty naive! 
We are what we eat, food is so important to our health.

Don’t be uninformed; watch this documentary;)