If you get frequent headaches, generally defined as headache on more than six and up to fifteen days every month, you are not alone!  It is estimated that around 9% of the male population and 12% of the female population are affected.

While more men get cluster-type headache pain, statistics show that more women get headaches of the tension or migraine type. In the United States, published figures show that 3% of people experience Chronic Daily Headaches (CDH) of the tension type with women being more than twice as likely to experience this problem. CDH is defined as headache on fifteen or more days per month.

Headache & MigraineThe chances are that most of thoes affected by this problem or have headache caused by an accident or injury, rely on painkillers in order to get on with daily life.

We would like to introduce you to a better alternative, Chiropractic care, which has provided a safe, effective long term and drug free answer to the problem of headache pain. For an initial consultation, please call Lygon Chiropractic on 9381 1991 and find out how Chiropractor, Tyson Aldenhoven can help you.

Results of research have proved that the cause of more than 95% of all headaches is not any type of disease process. This vast majority of headaches, termed ‘primary headaches’ respond well to the safe, effective treatments provided by Chiropractors.

Headache Tablets Can Cause Headache Pain

As mentioned earlier, many headache sufferers reach for over the counter analgesics to relieve the pain of headaches so that they can get on with their day. However, relying on analgesics can be a bad thing as they can worsen the pain of headaches and make the body more sensitive to pain.  It may even cause a person to become addicted to this type of medication. For children and expectant mothers, taking pain medication on a regular basis is less than ideal.

A Chiropractor can offer a drug free solution to the problem, analgesics can mask the symptoms but the only way to break the cycle of headache pain is to treat the cause, whether the sufferer is an adult, a child or a pregnant woman.

In fact, for headache pain that arises from a neck problem or from stress and tension, Chiropractic can bring very speedy relief. The results of a study at Duke University, North Carolina, USA were conclusive. Treatment of this kind of headache with Chiropractic had much better results and had fewer side effects than when treated using analgesics.

Chiropractic Treatment For Headache Pain

Your treatment might include a number of techniques including gentle manipulation and mobilization, some self-help exercises designed to alleviate tension plus (possibly) a change in diet or the addition of supplements.

Of course, no two people are the same and although they might be experiencing similar symptoms, what is causing their problems might be completely different. This is one reason why some people get more rapid relief than others after treatment but it is definitely the case that over a course of treatments, patients experience fewer, less frequent and less painful headache episodes.