When a problem results in pain in our legs, we realize we take our mobility for granted 99% of the time. Instead of finding out what the cause of the trouble is and getting that taken care of in the most effective way by visiting a Chiropractor, the first thing most of do us pop some painkillers and try to carry on as usual.

However, not taking action to deal with the cause of the symptoms is only going to make matters worse in the long term. We may think a problem has gotten better by itself – whereas in fact, healing has been incorrect or incomplete, leaving us with a weakness in a joint or limb that can cause even bigger problems, months – or even years, down the line!

Hip, Knee and foot painDon’t let leg pain stop you from getting on with life and doing the things you enjoy the most, take action and call Lygon Chiropractic today on 9381 1991 and get back to normal with safe, natural treatments that do not rely on powerful painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Most Common Causes

Many common ailments cause pain in the lower limbs. Most of these have a mechanical cause and are not a result of disease or illness.

Acute Symptoms: An accident or injury may cause acute symptoms, leaving us in no doubt as to the cause. Knee meniscus tears and sprained ankles are the most common cause of acute problem in the legs.

Many of us try to let these heal ‘naturally’ and manage to hobble around, self-medicating with painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets. The result is a weakness that can cause future problems because the affected area has not healed correctly.

Chiropractic care will help to mobilize the body’s own healing mechanisms, by gentle manipulation and mobilization to reduce inflammation and restore natural balance. This results in quicker, more complete healing and the reduced likelihood of the same injury occurring again in the future.

Chronic Symptoms: Other symptoms may just creep up on us over time, gradually getting worse and with no specific cause that we can pinpoint. In this case, we may leave things until the problem is really severe before we take action because most of us are very good at putting up with the inconvenience of reduced mobility, mild pain and the inconvenience that these symptoms cause us.

Taking action earlier will prevent the problem from developing into something worse. Getting Chiropractic care to treat the minor symptoms early will result in a speedier resolution, a return to full fitness and lessen the likelihood of further problems in the future.

Early warning symptoms include:

  • Knee pain and/or stiffness in the groin area both could be early signs of hip arthritis
  • Clicks and pops coming from inside your knee while walking, running or climbing stairs
  • Pain in one or both heels, particularly first thing in the morning when you get out of bed, this is an early sign of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Any pain, stiffness, inflammation or feeling of weakness in any joint

So, if you spot any of these early signs in yourself, or a family member, don’t delay, arrange an appointment with us on 9381 1991 as soon as you can.