On your first appointment at Lygon Chiropractic, our detailed assessment will enable Doctor of Chiropractic, Tyson Aldenhoven to find out what is causing your neck pain. This will include:

  • Questions about the kind of pain you have. Is it localized in your neck? Do you have any symptoms radiating into your arms and hands such as pain, ‘pins and needles’ or numbness? Are you getting headaches?
  • Questions about what you have done to help yourself. Have you already seen a GP? Have you been prescribed any medication, or been taking over the counter painkillers?
  • He will take a thorough medical history so that any previous illness or accident can be taken into account.
  • He will conduct some tests that might include neurological, orthopedic and muscle strength to get an accurate picture of the balance and function of your whole body, not just the areas that are causing you pain and discomfort right now.
  • If necessary, he will get X-Rays done.

Neck pain treatment and rehabilitationAs you can see, this thorough assessment is designed to understand the exact cause of the problem so that this can be treated, rather than just covering up the symptoms. To book your initial consultation with Dr Aldenhoven, call Lygon Chiropractic in Carlton North on 9381 1991.

What if Chiropractic is not Suitable for Me?

Chiropractors are trained to evaluate all the evidence from their initial consultation so that you will receive a treatment plan, tailored to your specific requirements.

Although it is unusual, because Chiropractic is proven effective for most of the common causes of neck pain, there can be rare cases where the symptoms are caused by a problem we can’t treat.  In that case you will receive a referral to another specialist healthcare practitioner. You can be reassured that if Chiropractic is not suitable for you, you will get the treatment you need without delay.

Why We Get Neck Pain

  • Stress is often the cause of neck pain. When we are under stress, our bodies react in ways we do not even realize. Clenching our jaws and tensing muscles in our shoulders, neck and scalp as a stress response can cause neck pain, headaches and referred pain elsewhere in the body.
  • The wear and tear that daily living causes for our joints accumulates with age. The vertebrae in our cervical spine are in almost constant motion throughout the day as we move so arthritis and other degenerative conditions are common.
  • Vertebrae can become out of correct alignment too and when this happens, it is common for the nerves that leave the spinal column to become ‘trapped’ or compressed. This can result in pain in the immediate area but can also cause symptoms in a seemingly unrelated area such as the shoulder, wrist or hand.
  • Car accidents and sports injuries are another major cause of neck pain and these ‘mechanical’ injuries respond very well to Chiropractic care because it is so effective at reducing inflammation, relieving pain and facilitating the body’s own healing process.

Take Early Action for Long-Term Benefits

Getting Chiropractic care for your neck pain can prevent the need for surgery in some cases and because it treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms and does not mask them with powerful painkilling medications that no-one wants to have to take.  Long-term, it provides a safe and effective approach to treating neck pain. Call Lygon Chiropractic on 9381 1991 for an appointment now.