Low back pain is a very common condition that most of us experience more than once during our lives. Chiropractic is really effective at treating back pain and the associated Sciatica symptoms that respond particularly well to Chiropractic care.

If you have been suffering from low back pain, find rapid relief by calling Lygon Chiropractic on 9381 1991 today for a comprehensive, preliminary assessment to discover the cause of your symptoms. Chiropractic care offers a safe, gentle and effective conservative treatment method without any need for medication.

Sciatica treatmentWhether the symptoms are acute, caused by trauma from an injury or an accident or chronic from a persistent or recurring problem, Dr. of Chiropractic, Tyson Aldenhoven, can help you to get back to full mobility and be free of pain. Patients who have tried treatments from their GP, such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets or who have been referred to a Physiotherapist without resolution of their problem have found Chiropractic to be the answer to their Sciatica pain.

In most cases improvement is more rapid and the results are better in the long term with Chiropractic than with other methods of treatment. However, occasionally the initial assessment of symptoms reveal that a patient’s problem is unsuitable Chiropractic treatment, he or she will be referred to the appropriate specialist practitioner, ensuring the best possible outcome.

The Common Causes of Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is actually a symptom of another problem, the most likely cause being a compressed or ‘trapped’ nerve or a number of nerves that can happen either in the spinal canal or where the nerves exit the spine.

Vertebrae can become misaligned causing trapping or compression of one or more nerves where the pathway out of the spine has narrowed. A disc between vertebrae can cause a similar problem if it becomes herniated as this also causes constriction on the exiting nerves. Misaligned vertebrae are referred to as Subluxations, herniated discs are commonly referred to as ‘slipped’ discs.

If you are experiencing pain, sensations of ‘pins and needles’ or numbness in your buttocks, accompanied by spasms in the muscle in that area, you might be suffering from Piriformis syndrome, named after the muscle affected by the problem.

Less commonly, compression of the nerves occurs within the spinal canal itself. A condition called Spinal Stenosis causes a narrowing of the spinal canal the nerves pass through, resulting in symptoms of Sciatica, among other problems.

Common Sciatica Symptoms

Symptoms vary in severity and can range from being an uncomfortable nuisance to being so painful whether walking, sitting, standing or lying down, that getting on with daily life is just about impossible.

The range of symptoms experienced can include any combination of the following:

  • It hurts to sneeze, cough or laugh
  • It gets worse after sitting for a while
  • Feelings of weakness, numbness, tingling and sensation of burning in the back and down the leg
  • Cramp-like pain in the thigh
  • Pain ranging in severity from a dull ache to extremely painful ‘shooting’ pains

Chiropractic For Long Lasting Benefits

For anyone suffering from the pain of sciatica, Chiropractic care can provide a solution even if other treatments have already been tried without success. The fact that it is a drug-free solution is preferable to many who find the prescription medications used to relax muscles and thus, relieve pain, make them drowsy and cause other, undesirable symptoms. For most people, the conservative care offered by a Chiropractor is a cost effective solution to their problem and one that brings better results and longer lasting benefits than other alternatives. Please take action and call Lygon Chiropractic on 9381 1991.