Many of us will suffer from the debilitating symptoms of shoulder and arm pain at some time in our lives. While the symptoms might have an obvious cause that can be blamed for the pain, such as an accident, sports injury or other trauma, in many cases, it is an injury caused by repeating the same action many times each day. This could be in our daily work, while playing sport, even lifting a small child.

Shoulder and arm painWhatever the cause, the good news is that Chiropractic provides a safe and drug free way of treating most of the common causes of this type of pain so please call Lygon Chiropractic today on 9381 1991 to arrange a consultation. Don’t put up with shoulder and arm pain that makes work difficult, stops you enjoying sport or time with the family and makes you feel worn out because it is disrupting sleep at night.

The Most Common Causes of Shoulder and Arm Pain

Adhesive Capsulitis

Although you may never have heard of this term, you will certainly have heard of the common name for this condition, ‘Frozen Shoulder’. This inflammatory condition comes on over a period of weeks or months, gradually getting worse. It affects the capsule inside the shoulder joint and makes moving the shoulder and arm, very difficult and painful, with considerable loss of mobility

Rotator Cuff Tears

If you suspect your shoulder problem is as a result of a rotator cuff tear, try this simple test. Stand with the affected arm down by your side and see if you can raise it sideways, away from your body. If this is painful, or even impossible, rotator cuff injury is the most likely culprit! There are varying degrees of this type of injury and the tear may be only partial causing pain in the affected shoulder with associated weakness – but not impeding movement too much. If it is a complete tear it may prevent any kind of shoulder movement. The good news is that Chiropractic is really effective at treating this problem.


This is a very common inflammatory condition and often develops in the neck, shoulders and arms if you have been doing an activity that is not usual for you that involves working with arms raised above your head. For example, you may have been laying under the car doing a repair or reaching up, cleaning gutterings or painting the ceiling.

Pain Referred From Another Location

The pain you are experiencing in your arm and/or shoulder, may not originate there, it might start in the neck or upper back and you may also experience symptoms of dizziness, headache or facial pain.


What Should I Expect From My Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic care is all about restoring the natural balance of your body, helping to relieve inflammation, adjusting and mobilizing joints and the gentle manipulation of soft tissues. All this helps to encourage the natural healing process, ensuring correct and complete healing of the injury.

You might experience considerable relief from the shoulder and arm pain after your first treatment. For most people though, complete healing is only achieved after a course of Chiropractic treatments – often backed up by gentle home exercise including stretching and strengthening exercises that will help you feel better more quickly and make a repeat of the same injury much less likely in the future.