The most compelling reason to experience AMIT is that it’s dogma is that you should ‘never have to treat the same muscle twice.’ This was taught by Dr Alan Beardall, the genius behind the AMIT method.

I personally found having to treat the same muscle again and again extremely frustrating in my early years of practice. Whether a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, we have all been treating the same things repeatedly. There had to be a better way. I believe that way is AMIT and that is the reason why I have invested time and money into travelling to the USA multiple times to learn this new way of treatment.

Beardall wrote “If you found the same problem recurring, you have missed something and need to dig deeper into the body’s systems for the answer as to why your treatment did not hold.” -Dr. Alan Beardall

The body was Dr. Beardall’s laboratory and teacher. He was always in awe of how wondrous the body was, how it could display truths if asked the right questions. He posed questions by challenging muscle function conditions, defining range of motion restrictions and evaluating the details of a patient’s symptoms. This became the “biological language system” used in the AMIT model.

Dr. Beardall was a nationally ranked distance runner and never missed a day of running the roads. Because of his involvement in running, he drew many of the nation’s elite runners to his office in Lake Oswego, Oregon. As a result, he was presented with many difficult and chronic athletic injuries.

Dr. Beardall was a perfectionist, which was the driving force that led him to never be satisfied with anything less than maximum function and pain free performance in his patients.

After his death in a motor vehicle accident in 1987 the AMIT method was developed and perfected by Dr Craig Buhler who worked with the Utah Jazz basketball team over a 26-year period. This environment allowed AMIT to be tested under the most challenging of environments- the NBA. Acute injuries it turned out seemed easy to fix. The challenge was in the process for chronic injuries. The research conducted at the University of Utah medical school’s physiology and dissection labs revealed new insights as to how the muscles and connective tissue related to each other. These insights lead to the understanding of how to correct chronic conditions that were so hard to resolve.

In the final year that Dr Craig Buhler worked with the Utah Jazz, the team had only 11 games missed due to injury by all players combined!!! The average player missed games for the league was 160!

The results were not only the rapid correction of acute injuries and the removal of long standing chronic conditions, but improved athletic performance and low injury rates. The AMIT method is quickly becoming the standard of care for athletic injuries and human performance improvement and will revolutionise how we approach sports medicine and sports chiropractic. It have been featured in the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris (the biggest selling health/fitness book in America), featured repeatedly by Dr Joe Mercola in interviews and on his website and personally endorsed by many professional athletes, click here to see some interviews by professional athletes.

Thank you to Alan and Craig.